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I desire to continue to explore ways to use my musical compositions and artistic visions with collaborations and interdisciplinary productions to provoke change. My creations are derived by every turn I’ve made in order to inspire others to make choices. Choices that inspire change to spark more active life participants with the goal to carve out new paths for a thoughtful journey.


Catherine Davis has been composing and performing music for TV, Film, Dance, and Theater in Austin for over the last decade. In April 2016 she produced, composed, and directed The Illusory Impressions Project | An Invitation to Shift, which was awarded the Site for Sore Eyes and Ears award as well as nominated for Best Instrumentalist from the Austin Critics Table Awards. In addition, she has enjoyed working with world renowned fine artists Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler on House with Pool, Movie Mountain, and Eighteen. Catherine also composed and performed for the collaborative arts initiative CALIFIA in Ballet Austin’s Austin Ventures Theatre, the Blanton Museum’s Beat the Rush, Jennifer Sherburn and Natalie Geroge Production’s 11:11:05, and the DA! Theater Collective’s production of Day Boy Night Girl.

Catherine first came to Austin to study piano and voice with choral emphasis with Dr. Betty Mallard and Dr. Suzanne Pence at the University of Texas and received her Bachelor of Arts in Music. She toured through North America as a song writer and publisher along side fellow bandmates in Zykos and has enjoyed recording with music producers Mike McCarthy and James Vollentine for artists such as Spoon, Craig Finn, The Dead Confederate and …and you will know us by the tail of dead.

Catherine is the Director of Education for Capital Music Center where students of all ages are helped to find their voice with music. As a frequent Clinician for the Roland Corporation she travels throughout the US to share her experiences and knowledge about the Roland digital pianos. When at home she finds great inspiration in singing under conductor, musical director, and Grammy Award winner Dr. Craig Hella Johnson in Conspirare. She thrives from all the inspiration drawn from all walks of life who cross her path, always with intentions to honor her gifts and experiences.





The Illusory Impressions Project | A Study in Release | Austin | November 10-11, 2017
A site specific performance at Jennifer’s Gardens. A unique opportunity to explore the gardens while viewing different scenes throughout the space. All original music by Catherine Davis and choreography by Michelle Thompson Ulerich.

The Illusory Impressions Project | An Invitation to Shift | Austin | 2015-16
Producer, Creative Director, Composer, Pianist & Vocalist
Collaboration with Assistant Director & Choreographer, Michelle Thompson. Built entire project from the ground up. Including coming up with concept, working out dialogue, title of project, construction of budget, fundraising as well as cultivating relationships with donors, organizing rehearsals, and well as composing and writing the path for the artistic projection. First Project performed at the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs’ Mansion in April 2016. Was awarded an Austin Critic’s Table Award for the production. http://illusoryimpressions.com

11:11:05 | Austin | March 2017
Composer & Performer
Composer for Jennifer’s Sherburn & Natalie George Productions’ 11:11:05. Composed and performed live soundtrack for “Hopfen und Waltz.”

DA! Theater Collective’s Day Boy/Night girl | Austin | 2012
Composer & Pianist
Composed, performed, and scored music for the award winning original production for the company. Piano, Cello & Pedal Steel Guitar.

Movie Mountain (Méliès) | Hubbard / Birchler Studio | Austin | 2011
Composer & Pianist
Composed, performed and recorded music for digital art work which has been presented all over the world. http://www.hubbardbirchler.net/works/melies/

CALIFA | Austin | 2011-12
Collaboration of Visual Art with Alyson Fox, and Choreographers with Lisa del Rissario and Reginold Harris. Performances at Salvage Vanguard Theater and Austin Ventures at Ballet Austin.

House with Pool | Hubbard / Birchler Studio | Austin | 2004
Composer & Pianist
Composed, performed and recorded music for digital art work presented all over the world. http://www.hubbardbirchler.net/works/housewithpool/


Let It All In
April 1, 2017

Robert Faires’ Top 10 Classical Music / Dance Treasures of 2016 | The Austin Chronicle | December 12, 2016 | https://www.austinchronicle.com/robert-faires-top-10-classical-music-dance-treasures-of-2016/

Illusory Impressions: Catherine Davis and Michelle Thompson’s site-specific dance-and-music work will move you in ways you won’t expect | The Austin Chronicle | April 29, 2016 | https://www.austinchronicle.com/illusory-impressions/

A site-specific performance dances through architecture and music | Austin American-Statesman | April 25, 2016 | http://www.mystatesman.com/site-specific-performance-dances-through-architecture-and-music/


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